Winter Artificial Grass Guide

Posted: December 8, 2021

artificial grass care - Easigrass Surrey

With Christmas rapidly approaching and the temperature taking a nosedive, you’ll probably be spending less time out in the garden – that is, unless you have artificial grass.

That’s right, with artificial grass, you can get a lot more from your garden all year round. But before we go on to give you tips about how to make the most of your garden in winter, here are some tips for looking after your artificial grass during these colder months.


Winter maintenance tips for artificial grass

While artificial grass means you don’t have to worry about damage caused by frost, there are some things you can do to protect it and keep it at its best for longer.

  • Remove heavy snow or ice – Snow and ice won’t damage your artificial grass, but it can become a dangerous and slippery surface if left to sit. Only when compacted snow and ice sits on your grass for too long is there the potential for any damage to be done.

    We recommend using a plastic shovel, instead of a metal one, to remove any heavy ice or snow. For lighter snow, you may be able to use a simple garden brush, preventing any damage to the grass fibres while carrying out clearance work.
  • Make sure it drains – Properly installed artificial grass means you never have to worry about drainage in adverse weather. However, if there is heavy rain or snow, then you may want to double-check that the lawn is draining properly – if it becomes waterlogged, there is a risk of damage to the grass fibres.
  • Use a groundsheet in really bad weather – You shouldn’t need to do this, but if there is a heavy snowfall predicted and you want to make it easy to clear the garden for use later, then use a groundsheet. This protective layer will allow you to shovel away any snow later without damaging the artificial grass underneath. Just don’t leave a heavy snowfall on the sheet for too long or you may flatten your grass with the sheer weight of it.


Benefits of artificial grass in winter

Now that you know how to keep your artificial grass in top shape throughout winter, here are some of the benefits:

  • Golf practice – Brush up on your putting game over winter with an artificial putting green in your own back garden.
  • Stargazing – You needn’t worry about muddy feet in winter with artificial grass. Whether you’re spotting celestial objects with the naked eye or setting up a telescope, it’s a great way to appreciate the night sky.
  • Decorate for Christmas – With Christmas coming up fast, you can put up your decorations without having to negotiate a muddy lawn in the process.
  • Outdoor party – Always wanted to host a party for Christmas or New Year’s Eve but worried about your grass being trampled? Now you can host in style – just remember to get some outdoor overhead heaters to keep guests warm!
  • Feed the wildlife – A simple but rewarding winter task is setting out things like bird feeders and homes for hedgehogs, giving something back to nature. This is also a great way to get kids interested in the world around them.
  • Build a snowman – If we’re lucky enough to get lots of snow, there’s no better family activity than donning wellies, hats and gloves to build a snowman.


Want to get the most out of your garden in all weather? Look no further than Easigrass Surrey. We’re leading suppliers of artificial grass for the region, including Guildford, Leatherhead and Farnham, and can provide quality products and installation. This means there’s no waiting around and minimal maintenance when it comes to your garden.

Find out more about the different types of artificial grass we supply and which one best suits your garden – call our expert team today.

artificial grass care - Easigrass Surrey
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