How To Fix Problems With Artificial Grass

Posted: January 26, 2021

Artificial grass is low maintenance – it requires no watering, weeding or chemicals. At least, that’s the case if you’ve had it installed properly and have professional maintenance on an annual basis. With poor installation, you’ll probably notice a number of issues cropping up.

This month we’re going to talk to you about how to fix problems with artificial grass. From drainage issues to weeds and even bad smells from dog urine, we’ll tell you how proper planning and preparation help when it comes to installation, as well as the right type of maintenance.

Artificial grass drainage problems

The last thing you want for your artificial grass is for it to gather puddles in heavy rainfall. Not only does it look terrible, but it could also cause sagging. This is where proper installation from professionals pays dividends.

A proper sub-base should be created, with an adequate foundation laid. We use Easi grit and a layer of aggregates to allow for drainage through the grass layer to prevent any puddles. This initial excavation, layering of materials and attention to detail means you can free your mind of drainage worries. If you know your home is in an area prone to flooding in heavy rain, make sure you discuss this with the team installing your artificial lawn.

Problems with artificial grass on decking

While it’s technically possible to install artificial grass on decking, it certainly isn’t ideal. This is because – as mentioned above – your artificial grass needs adequate drainage underneath. Any decking which slopes will see rainwater run off easily, but since decking is usually laid completely level, there is a risk it will hold water and eventually could cause rotting or warping for your decking.

Through careful installation, you might be able to avoid this issue, but it requires thought and proper planning in relation to how you’ll allow rainwater to drain away and not sit on your grass when sealed with adhesive. 

Weeds growing through artificial grass

Weeds are notorious for finding a way to thrive even in the most difficult circumstances. With artificial grass, you’ll certainly see a drastic reduction in weeds if you have it properly installed. At Easigrass Surrey we lay a membrane once we’ve excavated the space. This, plus the other layers put in place, should prevent most weeds coming through. If you see weeds anywhere, it may possibly be around the edges.

Through proper maintenance from the professionals, you can have weeds dealt with and any edges looked after to try and stop them returning. That’s why our expert team are on hand to offer this type of maintenance so you never have to wrestle with weeds again.

Artificial grass smells of dog urine

Artificial grass is a great solution if you have pets – especially dogs since they love to bound around in the garden and do their business. However, after a while, the smell of urine might become too much if you’ve not done the proper research and planning to find the right pet-friendly artificial grass.

At Easigrass Surrey, we provide artificial grass for dogs and pets which includes a special odour-prevention layer. This layer absorbs urine and can be adjusted to match the number of dogs you have so that you don’t encounter any foul smells when out in your garden. If you notice the smell appears in future, you can simply make use of our maintenance services and we’ll help to keep the smells away.

Don’t rush the installation of your artificial grass. Make sure you get everything right by finding the best artificial grass products and engage the professionals for annual maintenance. This will ensure you never have to mow, water, weed or deal with problems again. Contact Easigrass Surrey today, wherever you are in the area – including Guildford, Leatherhead and Farnham – for advice on artificial grass for your lawn or to make use of our expertise in maintaining your surface.

Artificial Grass Problems
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