Can You Put Artificial Grass On Decking?

Posted: October 20, 2021

Yes, you absolutely can. However, the installation requirements are a little different for artificial grass on decking.

If you’ve got decking in your garden it won’t be long before you start to see discolouration and possibly green moss or algae taking hold. Once you’re tired of this and the constant work you have to do to try and keep it looking brand new, you can add artificial grass on the decking to bring your garden back to life, enhancing things with a different texture.

This month at Easigrass Surrey, we’ll talk to you about the benefits of adding artificial grass to decking, how you go about installing it and what things you need to consider as part of this.

The benefits of artificial grass on decking

  • Transforms old decking. If you’ve had your decking long enough, you’ll eventually want to make a change. Artificial grass is a great way of doing this while adding a splash of colour to make things feel more grassy and welcoming. The added bonus is that you won’t have to tear up all your decking to make the change, either.

  • Adds grass in restricted spaces. Whether you’ve got an impossibly small garden and therefore don’t have any space for a lawn, or the space you class as your garden is actually a balcony or rooftop terrace, artificial grass on your decking means you can still have the luxury of grass in even the most restricting areas.

  • It’s virtually maintenance free. Once it’s been properly installed, artificial grass very rarely needs much maintenance – unlike the timber decking you once slaved over. You can check out our handy guide on easy steps you can take to maintain your artificial lawn in our previous post.

How to install artificial grass on decking

There are some very basic steps you’ll need to follow if installing artificial grass on decking, but for precise results that are designed to last, we always recommend you let the professionals carry out an installation. This way you won’t waste materials or have to redo the process.

  1. Ready your decking – this means cleaning it and potentially treating it so the wood is preserved while under the artificial grass.
  2. Select your underlay – we always include a membrane layer as part of our process, so we advise you choose an underlay material suitable for your decking if going it alone.
  3. Choose your fake grass product – select the most suitable artificial grass to suit your needs
  4. Install – Some artificial grass products require nailing and stapling, while others simply need to be glued, it all depends on the product you choose.

Things to consider

Remember, always prepare the surface for your artificial grass to ensure you get the best, long-lasting results. You should also be honest with yourself about the structural integrity of your decking if you want it to last and hold any amount of weight. Our team can advise on this for you if you choose to use Easigrass products. 

In addition to this, think about how your decking will drain any rainwater away, since wood that is constantly kept wet will eventually rot.

Are there problems with artificial grass on decking? Certainly, but only when not installed with the proper care and attention. 

Easigrass installation and maintenance

Here at Easigrass Surrey, we provide artificial grass for decking or any area of your garden. Our professional team have years of experience and knowledge, which means we can take care of the installation and maintenance for you. This means you get a long-lasting product the first time around, without any fuss or hassle trying to install it on your decking. 

Rejuvenate your tired old timber decking with artificial grass – call our friendly team today for more advice or to discuss your garden and we’ll be happy to help. We offer our installation services across Guildford, Leatherhead, Farnham and the wider Surrey region.


Artificial grass on decking
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